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Selected Publications

Four Way Review, "Saraswati on a Sunday Morning", "Evening", 2023

Sweet Lit, "Romanticism", 2023

POETRY, "Maroon", "Till there were no stars", 2023

SWWIM Every Day, "Light in the bruise of the night", 2023

Memorious: A Journal of New Verse and Fiction, “Cleavage”,  2023

Yaari: An Anthology on Friendship by Women and Queer Folx, “Poetry on the Roof”, 2023

The Black Fork Review, “The Field”, 2023

Best New Poets, “Raag Desh”, 2022

Yearbook of Indian Poetry, “The Valley of Headstones”, 2022

Sonic Boom, 10th Anniversary Edition, “Moti”, 2022

Rattle Magazine, Tribute to Indian Poets, “The Valley of Headstones”, 2021

petrichor, “Fever”, 2021

The Punch Magazine, “The Vegetarian" and other poems, 2020

The Bombay Literary Magazine, “The day of the fitting”, “In this one you win”, 2020

Bengaluru Review, “Whole moons”, “What your doctor will not tell you”,

“What your doctor will tell you”, 2020

The Bangalore Review, “In Nani’s House”, 2019

Academic research:

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